About Us

The Claremont Ekklesia

The Claremont Ekklesia exists to bring Christianity into dialogue with the academic community at the Claremont Colleges. As a journal of Christian thought and expression, we publish a collection of art, stories, and articles every semester.
Derived from the Greek word “assembly” or “church,” Ekklesia denotes the assembly of Christian believers called out for purposes in this world. As a small piece of the larger Ekklesia, which ultimately extends across time and space, we hope to contribute a distinctly and particularly Christian perspective to ongoing discussions within our community.
While we are not affiliated with any church or other religious group, we are a member of The Augustine Collective, a network of Christian journals at colleges and universities across the nation.




The Augustine Collective

The Augustine Collective is a student-led movement of Christian journals on college campuses. Its current members include journals from:
Dartmouth College,
Harvard University,
Williams College,
Yale University,
University of Maine,
– the Five Colleges (MA),
Brown University,
University of Penn,
Princeton University,
UC Berkeley,
Duke University,
Wheaton College,
Swarthmore College,
Columbia University,
St. Olaf College,
– and the Claremont Colleges.

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