Get Involved!

Interested in getting involved with The Claremont Ekklesia this semester?

Whether it’s writing or photographing, designing or editing, we’d love to have you! And if you’re not sure how you’d like to be involved, but you’re still interested, that’s great too! Fill out the form below.

Positions that are open: Writers, Poets, Aritsts, Storytellers, Editors, Photographers, Graphic Designers, and more! If there is an area of interest that is not listed, or an idea that you have and feel would add to the Ekklesia, please tell us about it in the Interest/Comment section!

*If you’re interested in applying for an editor or leadership position, please indicate so in the Interest/Comment section.
**Written submissions:
Content: Fiction or Non-fiction, poetry or opinion, politics or basketweaving–or really anything you like!
Word Count: Submissions should be somewhere between 600-800 words (one page) or 1300-1500 words (two pages).



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